Features you need to successfully run your online ordering application


Increase repeat orders with our email marketing tool

Bring your customers back to your restaurant with  custom branded emails or holiday events that you may have. We have lots of holiday templates you can choose from.

Strengthen your customer relationships by giving a reason to return.

Your online ordering website comes with a  built in loyalty program that will let your customers collect points when ordering online!

You can then reward your them with an incentive, once they have redeemed their points!


Manage your orders with our order management tool

  • Orders are sent to your order management. It could be accessed on a computer, tablet or phone.
  • We can also send it orders to your fax at no extra cost.

How order management works:

  1. As soon as an order comes you will be notified with a sound alert, letting you know a new order arrived.
  2. Once the order has been confirmed, your customer will get a confirmation email, with the estimated delivery time that has been selected on the order management.

Send orders directly to your POS system.

If you are using Micros, Aloha, or iPOS touch, we will configure all your online orders be sent directly to your POS!



Integrate online payments with your existing merchant account.

  • Your online ordering website will be configured to work with your existing merchant account! There is no 3rd party processing companies that we use to send out payments.
  • The best part, is that  payments get automatically deposited to your bank account every day!

Savor the Simplicity